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Really wanted zucchini blossoms but still made a great dish

I had big plans on getting up early Saturday morning so I could be at the Farmer's Market at the North Market when it opened so that I could buy all the zucchini flowers that were available from the Amish farmer. Thanks to my wonderful insomnia I couldn't sleep and finally visited the sandman around 5:00 AM. Well, as you can imagine I overslept, woke at 10:00 AM and didn't bother making the drive to the North Market because the zucchini blossoms sell out very quickly even though my heart was set on making something with zucchini blossoms.

So, I started my day like any other by taking our two small dogs outside to do their "business". While waiting for them to finish I was checking on my small garden. My garden is just a few tomato plants, a few herbs and a pumpkin plant that grew from the seeds that we carved last Halloween. Well, the large pumpkin blossoms caught my eye and I thought "Hey, a pumpkin is a squash" so I picked about a dozen of them. I ran to the store to pick up a few things, cleaned up the blossoms and set up the recording equipment. I came up with a good recipe for tomato and pumpkin blossom risotto and it tasted incredible. I should have this episode ready to upload in a couple weeks.

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