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Buy the breads that you see in my videos!

I have become addicted to baking bread. Over the last couple years, I've been baking many different types of breads. and have recorded numerous videos where I make different kinds of Italian breads.
I've decided to start selling my homemade breads. The Ohio cottage laws allow for a home baker to sell breads baked at home, so I thought I would give it a try.
If you live in or near the greater Columbus, Ohio area and would like to purchase my bread, contact me at Some of the breads below take several days to make, so you'll need to place your orders in advance.
Below are some of the breads that you can order. These breads will be made upon order and will be incredibly fresh. In the future, I may sell additional types of breads. A list of breads that I'm currently selling can be found on my website at to see the current list of breads.
Sicilian Bread

Description: A golden bread covered with sesame seeds that is made with semolina flour.

Price: $7 for one loaf, $12 for two loaves.

Challah Bread

Description: A traditional egg bread eaten during the Jewish Sabbath. A delicious and visually stunning braided bread.

Price: $7 per loaf.

Rosemary Bread

Description: A bread that is packed full of flavor by a dough that was infused with crushed rosemary.

Price: $7 for one loaf, $12 for two loaves.

Pesto Bread

Description: A light green bread that combines the taste of an outstanding bread with the wonderfully rich herbaceous flavor of pesto.

Price: $7 for one loaf, $12 for two loaves.

Chocolate Bread

Description: A delicious chocolate bread made from a standard bread dough with the addition of cocoa. The chocolate flavor is increased by the chocolate chips that are kneaded into the dough before baking.

Price: $7 per loaf, $12 for two loaves.

Tomato Bread

Description: You won't believe the amazing flavors packed into this bread! A combination of sundried tomatoes, garlic, and shallot in this dough make for a bread you just won't believe.

Price: $7 for one loaf, $12 for two loaves.

Beer Bread

Description: My homemade beer bread recipe that makes a nearly 3 pound loaf with a rich buttery crust.

Price: $7 per loaf.

Como Bread

Description: A bread with a thick, crunchy crust and a chewy center that has roots back to Northern Italy.

Price: $7 for one loaf, $12 for two loaves.

Pane in Cassetta (Bread in a Box)

Description: The Italian version of the American white bread, baked in a 9 inch pullman pan.

Price: $7 per loaf.

Coccodrillo (Crocodile) Bread

Description: A type of Italian ciabatta bread made from a very wet dough of semolina flour. This bread was developed around 30 years ago by a baker in Rome. This bread takes 5 days to make due to the long fermentation during which ingredients are added each day.

Price: $10 per loaf (due to the long time it takes to make this bread).

Pane Italiano (Italian Bread)

Description: Traditional Italian bread with a chewy crust and a soft inside.

Price: $7 for one loaf, $12 for two loaves.

English Cottage Loaf

Description: A traditional rustic bread that originated in England. This is essentially two round loaves, one on top of the other, with the upper one being smaller.

Price: $7 for one loaf, $12 for two loaves.

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