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Thinking back to the Columbus Italian Festival

It's been a month since my wife and I attended the Columbus Italian Festival and I'm still burning off the calories from all the food we ate. This is the 3rd year that we attended this festival after living on the outskirts of Columbus for four years. Each year I eat increasingly more food over the three days of the festival since my two lines of conflicting thought are "I can't wait to eat everything that I tried last year" and "I can't wait to try all the new foods". Since arguing with myself would seem crazy I just follow both lines of thinking.

The Columbus Italian Festival is a truly immersive event with the food (of course), music, traditional dance, cooking demonstrations, bocce ball tournament and those with Italian blood enjoying themselves. I don't have a drop of Italian blood but completely embrace the event and always hoping that the huge amount of Italian food that I eat will infuse my DNA.

Below are a few of the pictures that we took during the three days of the wonderful event.

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