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Jungle Jim's International Market is Foodie Nirvana!

My wife had been telling me about a place in Cincinnati called Jungle Jim's International Market. After finally Googling Jungle Jim's we immediately made plans to make the drive down 71 South and crossed this off trip off our list yesterday.

Honestly, it was a bit overwhelming because Jungle Jim's is HUGE and they literally have EVERYTHING! My mind was racing about the recipes that I could make, the free samples that I wanted to try and the sections of the store that I didn't want to miss. I spent nearly an hour in the fresh meat department because they had every cut of every protein. While browsing the meats I found rattlesnake, python, rabbit, African antelope, wild bore and even a pig face!

They had a huge charcuterie section with a long list of imported Italian aged meats from salami, sopressata, prosciutto, mortadella and capicola. I took a chance and asked if they had any guanciale because it wasn't on the posted list and I've been wanting to make a traditional pasta carbonara. Well, the guy working the counter knew exactly what I was asking for but said they had just sold the last of what they had on-hand, bummer.

Their wine section is larger than most grocery stores. They had everything from the standard bottom shelf cheap wine that can be purchased everywhere to bottles costing $4,999. I found a 2004 Brunello di Montalcino that almost went home with us but settled for several great bottles of Chianti Classico Riserva that will appear in a future video.

I spent a very long time in the European food section, primarily in the Italian section but also looking for a few traditional Greek ingredients. They had my favorite olive oil, Bellucci Italian Olive Oil that is made with 100% Italian olives, which has an incredible taste and is extremely hard to find.

I highly recommend making the trip to Cincinnati to visit Jungle Jim's International Market. Plan to spend at least 2 - 4 hours if you love food and maybe more if you are a hardcore foodie. My wife and I will definitely be making the trip back down I-71 soon.

I did remember to take a few pictures, which are below, but wish I would have taken more.

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