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Treasure trove from the Worthington Farmer Market!

Finally we were able to wake up in time to go to the farmer's market in Worthington. We made the trip to this farmer's market a few times last year but I've been looking forward to making this trip. First, I was of course looking forward to the wide array of fresh fruits and vegetables since it is the end of August. Second, I've been following North Country Chacuterie on Instagram for a few months and they sell their products at the farmer's market.

North Country Chacuterie is a new small business here in Columbus that makes salami from local meats and other ingredients. I sent them a quick email to Duncan asking if they by chance made guanciale because I've been wanting to make traditional spaghetti alla carbonara. Unfortunately, they aren't making guanciale yet but this did start a conversation about their salami products.

So, as you can see from the trip below the trip to the Worthington Farmer's Market was a success! The eggplant will be used to make eggplant parmesan which will be recorded for a future POV Italian Cooking recipe. Eggs and ground pork from Oink Moo Cluck farms, I'm thinking a frittata with the eggs and a ragu with the pork. Triple pig salami from North Country Chacuterie that may possibly end up in a frittata. A bit of fresh tomato basil pasta from Ohio City Pasta. A few tiger melons, a cantaloupe, apples, peaches and garlic from random vendors.

If you haven't made the trip to the Worthington Farmer's Market then you are missing out!

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