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People Watching & Foodie Fun at the Ohio Renaissance Festival

This past Labor Day weekend I spent two days at the Ohio Renaissance Festival, Saturday with my beautiful wife and Sunday with my youngest son. If you have never been to this festival then I would strongly recommend you make the trip to the middle of nowhere Waynesville, Ohio to enjoy a day in geek heaven. The Ohio Renaissance Festival takes place every weekend from Labor Day weekend through October 23rd. The last weekend of October closes the festival with a huge jousting tournament. There are shows ranging from time appropriate comedy skits to real jousting contests.

However, the most fun thing to do is to just walk around and "people watch". There are people who obviously look forward to this event every year so they can break out the costumes that they spent way too much money on. I've included a few pictures below of folks in their costumes.

The food is pretty good as well ranging from turkey legs, bread bowls and many other savory items and snacks. Over the two days I tried different soup bread bowls, a pot roast sunday, and several different snacks. Who would have thought that a trip to the renaissance festival could turn into a foodie event!

Need Elf ears? One of the vendors has a wide array of Elf ears, so I'm sure you will find the perfect pair.

It was 90 degrees out and this young lady was wearing very thick black leather armor.

A pot roast sunday. This was mashed potatoes topped with a crusty pot roast, gravy, cheese & tomatoes. YUMMY!

Great armor that we passed while in the long search for our car.

The queen of the festival making rounds between events.

One of the many vendors trying to keep cool.

Beef stew bread bowl. Delicious!

I thought this sign was pretty funny.

One of the knights preparing for the joust.

Mac & Cheese bread bowl, 1,000,000 carbs in every bite!

I was having a staring contest with my Chicken Tortilla Bread Bowl. Just in case you were wondering the food won the contest.

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